Fill your Sails

Where the wind finds canvas, it meets in motivation. A stiff, consistent breeze carried by the sails of a well equipped vessel could take one across a lake or around the world. Whether the compass points north, south, east or west is at the discretion of the ship’s captain and crew.

Find the clarity to fill your sails through the fog and expand past the horizon of limiting thoughts, feelings and belief systems.

My Path

Passionate about Overcoming Obstacles


irection, motivation and purpose are intangible qualities that both humans and sailing vessels share. Each are unique and require different kinds of motivation to keep us going.

As a hypnotist, my background is unique in that I have benefited directly as a client. I use these techniques everyday to keep myself clear on my direction, motivation and resolve.

In my former career as an organic farmer, I grew food and flowers as medicine, serving thousands of families with tens of thousands of pounds of clean, fresh vegetables over two decades.

While I believe that food is medicine, I also believe that 7th Path Self Hypnosis can enable lasting change for anyone with a strong intention to change.

I’ve been may things to many people in my life. After studying hypnosis intensively, I am happy to add another amazing skill, a certified and insured hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher.

Traditional Sailor.

Organic Farmer.

Diesel Mechanic.

Single Father.

Wilderness Adventurer.

Proud 5-PATH Hypnotist and 7th Path Teacher.

I grew up, like many of us, in a highly dysfunctional home and did my best to fend for myself and a younger brother. As I grew, I developed maladaptive coping strategies in an attempt to numb and block these experiences. Addiction, disassociation and escapism were my preferred modes of dealing with the legacy of situations I did not have the tools to deal with. My family taught me to confuse pain with love.

I found hypnosis through the suggestion of my partner after becoming exhausted in the hamster wheel of the so-called ‘mental health system.’ I was willing. Nothing could be worse than where I had been. I was guided with patience and grace by an amazing hypnotist who taught me that healing is real and achievable.

I have followed in my hypnotist and mentor’s footsteps and trained with Cal Banyan in Dallas, Texas. Carrying forward the knowledge that hypnosis works for both myself and my clients.

NGH Licensed Hypnotist 2022-4

My Values

  • Insight and Understanding
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Radical Acceptance, Honesty and Forgiveness

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