The practice of self hypnosis can wax and wane with life, internal shift, and life experience. While new practitioners are sometimes challenged by lull periods, that same stagnation for a practitioner with months or years of daily self hypnosis can point to either blocks and resistance. At its best, self-hypnosis is ‘popping’. The practitioner experiences echos at the end of each recognition, and those echos have a clear positive, neutral or negative emotional resonance. If that isn’t happening for you, like it hadn’t been happening for me, here are some suggestions on how to find effective resolution and flip your internal switch.

What is a block?

A block is some manner of negative structure, usually coming from present life experience that is operating at a unconscious level in an attempt to protect you. Many of these blocks are formed in early childhood experiences and retain the ‘meaning’ your younger self attached to an outcome. The conclusions you drew as a child to being left alone in the dark are likely very different than having the same experience as an adult. If safety and security were perceived to be compromised by your younger self, you can unconsciously retain safety and security as an adult pattern. Blocks show up as patterns in our lives. We keep dating people with the same patterns as one of our parents or we always seek comfort in the same ways.


Resistance is the opposite of allowance. Resistance implies that our (unconscious) internal voices of self protection are attempting to keep us safe. Unfortunately, like a parent sitting in the passenger seat, we may experience fear as our teenager pilots a four thousand pound missile down public roads. Resistance is the parent sucking in their breath suddenly or grabbing the handhold as the teenager first learns to drive. If you did not have this experience learning to drive, count yourself among the lucky ones. Essentially, resistance is a voice inside us saying we are going too fast, we are out of control. Unfortunately, we cannot hope to expand and grow while white knuckling the handholds of our life experience, and need to learn to allow.

Self Hypnosis Techniques to Grind Down Blocks

Practice One | Repeating Recognitions 1-5

Shifting into low gear is helpful when we find ourselves working on a tough block. In 7th Path Hypnosis there are different forms. The first is the short form, then the long form, and then the Ultimates. In all forms there are nine recognition, of which the first four are built to work through core self-worth and forgiveness.

When we find ourselves with a block coming up, even if we can only feel it and have no conscious recognition of the issue, we can switch gears in 7th Path. This process is using the first five recognitions only, repeating them two or more times in succession, and then using Delta 5 to imagine one’s self free of this block.

1) Repeat Delta 1-4 two or more times (I like three)

2)Repeat Delta 5 as many times as you repeated the first four recognitions, specifically targeting how you would feel, free of the block or limitation.

As always, hold the same vision for Delta 5 until it becomes your reality.

Practice Two | Self Hypnosis Low Gear

For stubborn blocks, consider dropping from full form to short form, or from the Ultimates to full form while using the above technique for a ‘low gear’ effect. Shifting to a low gear implies a slower speed, but it also means more power, torque and the choice to take action to get whatever the gnarly junk you are experiencing out of your system for good.

1) Continue as above, simply drop one level of recognition. Full form -> Short Form OR Ultimates -> Full Form, just using recognitions 1-5 and imagining resolution to the block for Delta 5.

Personally, I have had extended periods without echos. I am as stubborn as I am sometimes internally controlled, and resistance takes hold. It seems that my design is that of a pressure cooker. I have continued the practice, waffling in and out of periods where there are echos and others where the echos fail to come.

I recently learned of the Compassion Key technique that uses a similar echo technique to work though blockages and limits in a more direct and cognitive way than 7th Path. This technique uses phrases that inadvertently trigger a somatic response in order to release stored trauma and misperception. When I applied this technique in the training and personal work, the results were amazing. I was having extremely powerful echos that had strong correlation to the triggering phrases.

As this shift happened, suddenly my 7th Path practice was back online and ‘popping’ with strong echos and clearing.

7th Path can produce detox symptoms. It can get down to the roots of mental and emotional blocks, and, I believe, is a pathway to empowerment and self-actualization. It is also a habit, a muscle that we build. In our relationship with 7th Path we have the opportunity to learn deeply about ourselves and that relationship will go through phases and change and molt and stagnate and renew, just like life.

Working through resistance, our ability to allow and surrender is a challenge that calls forward insecurities and questions whether we are willing to loose the reigns of our false identities and structures in order to grow. Sometimes I find myself clinging to how things ‘are’, and at other times I can let go with grace and ease. Either way, the joys of experiential learning is no straight path. We cannot go back, so our only choice is how to move forward. We can only do our best today to make decisions with clear sight, knowing we will learn from them regardless of what we choose.